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Infomaniak kMail: Manage Your Emails, Contacts, and Calendars in Switzerland

Are you looking to take control of your professional emails, contacts and calendars in Switzerland?

Take a look at Infomaniak kMail – the powerful and scalable email service that can help you manage all these elements while making sure your website looks as professional as possible.

With the kSuite Standard offering, you get the first user completely free and then pay just €1.58/month for each additional user – it’s a fantastic value!

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But what makes this email service really stand out?

Let’s dive into some of its unique features so we can find out why kMail is worth considering for any business owner or website operator who values their online presence.

Introducing kMail by Infomaniak – the powerful and scalable email service

kMail by Infomaniak is the perfect email service provider for anyone who needs powerful and reliable email capabilities.

With its scalability, kMail allows users to customize their email address with their own domain name and its ability to manage emails, contacts and calendars from one place makes kMail an efficient choice for businesses based in Switzerland.

What’s more, the service starts at a reasonable rate – 1st user free, then 1,58 € / month – making it palatable for everyone. Get on board with kMail today to see how it can help you manage your business’ communication efficiently!

A professional email address with your domain name

Take your business to the next level with a professional email address bearing your domain name! Let us help you create a custom email domain that visitors remember and reflect the ethos of your organization.

Enjoy our best in class features such as scalability, power, and control with kSuite Standard. Plus, the first user is free and just 1,58 € / month thereafter. Get your professional email today!

What are the features of kMail that make it so useful

kMail offers a reliable and secure email solution for businesses and individuals in Switzerland. It includes a full range of features that makes managing emails, contacts and calendars straightforward and efficient.

With powerful filters, customizable design options and support available round-the-clock, kMail is ideal for organizations of any size or complexity.

Plus, you get your own domain name to help build your online reputation as well as your brand visibility.

Moreover, with its unbeatable pricing plan of 1st user free followed by only 1,58 euros per month per user it makes the perfect sense to switch to kMail today!

With kMail, you can:

  • Manage your emails, contacts, and calendars all in one place
  • Use your own domain name for a professional email address
  • Create and manage email aliases
  • Access your emails from any device with IMAP and POP3 support
  • Set up auto-replies and filters to manage your inbox
  • Use a powerful search function to find specific emails quickly
  • Sync your calendar with other devices using CalDAV support

Encrypted emails with Swiss privacy protection

Keep your emails secure and fully protected with Swiss Privacy Protection. With kSuite, you don’t have to worry about someone else sniffing into the contents of your emails as they are fully encrypted to ensure maximum data security and confidentiality.

On top of that, you can also manage all your contacts, calendars, and other professional emails while staying true to Swiss privacy laws. With just 1,58€/month, kSuite Standard gives users access to powerful and scalable email services without breaking the bank!

Calendars, contacts and task management tools

Organizing your professional life doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. With kSuite Standard, you can instantly manage all your emails, contacts and calendars in Switzerland, with a powerful and scalable email service that includes your own domain name.

Keep track of important dates with the efficient calendars, stay organized with easy contact list management tools, and never miss an important task with helpful task management features.

Get 1 user free and then only 1,58 € per month after to make it easier than ever to stay connected and productive on the go.

Powerful spam filter to reduce unwanted mail

Streamline your inbox and reduce time wasted on unwanted mail with kSuite’s powerful spam filter.

Our filter has the ability to find and block any malicious email content from entering your mailbox so that you can focus on more important tasks.

Just like our professional email service which includes your own domain name, our spam filter is also surprisingly affordable. With kSuite Standard, you get the first user for free, then just 1,58 €/month for additional users – unbeatable value for money!

How easy is it to set up kMail on any device

With kMail, setting up your email on any device is remarkably simple.

Whether you have an Android phone or a Windows laptop, getting up and running is just a few steps away. Set up the app or plug in your details directly into your device’s native mail client for quick and easy access to all of your contacts, emails, and calendars.

Best of all, kMail incorporates powerful yet intuitive tools – from contact sync to an array of messaging options – offering users the ability to seamlessly manage their emails no matter what device they use.

Signing up for kSuite Standard is even simpler with its free first user option. Try it out today and see how convenient it is to stay connected on the go!

Why choose kMail over other similar services

Infomaniak kMail is a must-have for any business in Switzerland looking to access professional email with its own domain name.

It has a powerful and scalable platform, supporting reliable and secure communication between your team members.

What’s more, kSuite Standard provides your first user account absolutely free, and then only 1,58 € / month to ensure that multiple users can stay connected without stress on the budget.

We are confident that once you try using kMail, you will never want to go back to managing emails with anything else.

Infomaniak kMail is a great choice for those looking for a professional email service with their own domain name.

In a short, compared to other email services like Gmail and Outlook, Infomaniak kMail offers:

  • More control over your email with your own domain name
  • No ads or tracking
  • Data stored in Switzerland, a country known for its strong privacy laws
  • Scalable email service that can grow with your business
  • Pretty cheap option for an own domain e-mail

Take advantage of the low introductory

Are you looking for a powerful and scalable email service in Switzerland?

Look no further than kSuite Standard! For a limited time, take advantage of the incredibly low introductory offer – your first user can join FREE, and then only 1.58 €/month after that!

kSuite includes professional email using your own personal domain name and is also equipped to manage emails, contacts, and calendars.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – join with kSuite today!


Infomaniak kMail offers several benefits that make it a great choice for businesses and individuals alike. Some of the benefits include:

  • Scalable email service that can grow with your business
  • Professional email with your own domain name
  • Secure email service with SSL/TLS encryption
  • No ads or tracking
  • Data stored in Switzerland, a country known for its strong privacy laws


As you can see, kMail by Infomaniak is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an email service that is powerful, secure and scalable.

Not only does kMail have loads of features like encrypted emails with Swiss privacy protection, calendar and task management tools and a powerful spam filter, but it’s also incredibly easy to set up on any device.

With its introductory offer of 1st user free (then 1,58 € / month for kSuite Standard), there’s no better time to switch to kMail and take advantage of all it has to offer.

So why wait? Start managing your emails, contacts and calendars in Switzerland today with reliable security – that’s what kMail by Infomaniak has to offer.


How does Infomaniak kMail compare to other email services?

Infomaniak kMail offers several benefits that make it stand out from other email services, including more control over your email with your own domain name, no ads or tracking, data stored in Switzerland, and a scalable email service that can grow with your business.

Is Infomaniak kMail secure?

Yes, Infomaniak kMail takes security seriously and offers several measures to keep your data safe, including SSL/TLS encryption for all data transmissions, data stored in Switzerland, regular backups of your data, and two-factor authentication for added security.

Can I use my own domain name with Infomaniak kMail?

Yes, Infomaniak kMail allows you to use your own domain name for a professional email address.

What support options are available for Infomaniak kMail?

Infomaniak kMail offers several support options, including email support, phone support, live chat support, and a knowledge base with helpful articles and tutorials.

How much does Infomaniak kMail cost after the first user?

After the first user, Infomaniak kMail costs 1.58 € per month for kSuite Standard, which includes 5 GB of storage per user, access to email, contacts, and calendars, use of your own domain name, IMAP and POP3 support, CalDAV support, and no ads or tracking.