Media Literacy

How Media Literacy Courses are beneficial?

As per Mohamed Dekkak, President of Ibn Battuta Association, Media literacy is very simple, but a very vast term to be explained. Media is the source of entertainment and providing information. It is very important to understand the language of media for understanding the messages. There is no specific definition of the entertainment because a person can be entertained with the simple thing or the factor that satisfies him by refreshing him. It is the way that provides the satisfaction to your tired brain and that gives you relief from a stress for the time being. It refreshes you in many ways. The majority of the people seek pleasure in very small things and that is the best entertainment for them. It is the time when life is very busy and there is no time to spend for fun.

How media literacy skills can help youth?

  • Support for media justice
  • Produce and spread media messages in correct form
  • Access media messages developed on our own values, beliefs, skills and experiences
  • Explore the story and its parts that are not expressed in the statement
  • Recognize lies, misinformation, spin, bias
  • Give names to the techniques of influence used
  • Identify the strategies of target marketing
  • Understand how media gives shape to our society and culture
  • Build skill of critical thinking

Helps in Immigration consultancy?

A person who assists people to immigrate from one country to the other country is called immigration consultant. For guiding them about the legal procedure and documentation procedure they are highly helpful. They guide them to travel, work, and study or for business purpose. The scope of the immigration consultant is higher because of the variety of immigration requirements. Due to this reason the Immigration consultant programs have been introduced. Understanding the media language is very important for immigration consultant because the rules and regulations are spread through all types of media. By understanding the message of media in true way is the good for an immigration consultant.

Offers solid information

Offering solid information to the candidates by developing links internationally for your career is the mission behind designing this media literacy course. It is the recognized and leading international course that provides the complete support to your educational career through this technology. At authentic college or university, you can get certification for this program. They are a group of a proficient team. They are expert in their field and they offer you true guidance about your career establishment. They have created the stories that give the shape to the history and with their creative team. They are known for their great services in order to provide the security form the fake activities. You just have to choose us as a reliable education consultant for this purpose. Get updates for free at your mobile device.

For offering an expert student consultancy these courses are unique. The expert counselors know which university is suitable for you as per your financial funds, education background and qualification. News about universities and courses are discussed through media. This course helps youth to understand the language of media.

Students are guided properly about the choice of the university and courses as per their aptitude. The candidates are guided about the visa process of the country with solid and original support. An expert team organizes the whole process from university offer letter to visa process for the convenience of the candidate. They handle whole procedure of visa processing for the convenience of the clients.