All about the beautiful city of lagouira

In this world, there are many mysteries hidden for people to explore. In the previous era, it was quite difficult for people to travel around the world. There were no cars or no planes; people have to walk on foot to reach the far off places. However, the latest technology is making everything easier for people. This technology has created equipment for traveling to other planets. Now, this is the world where touching the sky is also not a rocket science. Moreover, the internet is also providing the bulk of information for people who loves traveling, and they always want to visit a versatile place. Lagouira is one such beautiful land where travelers can find many adventures. This article will help those tourists to know better about lagouira.

Capital of Lagouira region

The capital of lagouira is Dakhla which typifies the south. It is a place where many thriving industries are constructed. This place is responsible for taking the economy of the nation to the sky as it enhancing the already existing activities and is building many new sectors for tourists. Everyone that a country with major tourist agencies always flourishes in the field. This area is working for tourists on a priority basis.

Fishing and marine product processing

The leading lights of the local economy are the fishing and the marine product processing. Development of 85 firms active in this sector is responsible for bringing this part of the nation to the limelight. These industries further expand by the year 1990.The coastal areas of lagouira has the highest fish stocks, and this is considered as the Morocco’s fishing zone C. The current port of this region is handling about 250,000 tons per year and is thereby running at the overcapacity. This region requires a new Atlantic port which would develop the processing industry and also agricultural exports.


The other economic mainstay is the agriculture of the nation. This region export approximately 60,000 tons of agricultural products annually. The major export is tomatoes which contributes a lot to the economy of the country. The fertile soil of this region makes it a great place for various types of agriculture. Different projects are still pending which draw in more investment in the country. There are many companies that are planning to invest in this agriculture sector of Morocco. Companies from different parts of the world will soon initiate their agricultural project.

Tourism in lagouira

Development of the tourism in this region is the top priority of the country. It was estimated from a recent survey that lagouira receives only 20,000 tourists per year. It may be due to the distance from the holiday centers. Whatever the reason but the country is trying to resolve it. For this purpose, certain major attractions of this nation are bringing this region to the limelight like the kite surfing or the water sports. The tourist infrastructure is further expanding. Resort at Graret Fartat will take the tourism to the heights of success. Moreover, the other small scale projects planned in the recent years will be soon completed.